Top 10 Elementary Schools in Mississauga Ranking

2016 Ranking

Top 10 Elementary Schools in Mississauga Ranking.
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School Name
2015-16 Rating
Mineola Mississauga 8.0
Settler’s Green Mississauga 7.6
Plum Tree Park Mississauga 7.5
Tecumseh Mississauga 7.5
Kenollie Mississauga 7.4
Springfield Mississauga 7.4
Ellengale Mississauga 7.3
Cashmere Avenue Mississauga 7.0
Riverside Mississauga 7.0
Hawthorn Mississauga 6.8

Catholic Elementary School Ranking

School Name City 2012-13 Rating
St Rose of Lima Mississauga 8.1
St Edmund Mississauga 8.4
St Mark Mississauga 7.7
St Timothy Mississauga 7.7
St Christopher Mississauga 7.8
St Edith Stein Mississauga 7.2
St Jerome Mississauga 7.6
John XXIII Mississauga 7.6
St Dominic Mississauga 7.2
St David of Wales Mississauga 7.6

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